COVID-19 Guidelines

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Last Updated 1/18/2022

The New Year has certainly started out with a bang. Seabird Preschool was very fortunate during the last two years to have very few cases of Positive COVID for our faculty or students. Omicron is obviously a very different creature, and it is far more contagious than the Delta variant.

Our commitment to you is to continue to do everything possible to keep our schools open for in-person learning. All three of our county public health departments affirm this decision by stating that schools are one of the safest places for our students, even amid Omicron variant surge. 

We would like to reassure you that on the school's end, we are following all protocols and are doing everything in our power to mitigate the spread of this virus and we need your help to do so as we move forward. We ask you to do the same. 

We believe in full transparency, and we will always notify you regarding new cases in your class. If your child’s class has a positive case and is assigned to a modified quarantine you will always receive notification and directions to follow in accordance with SFDPH guidelines.

Below are a few items that will assist us as we navigate through these challenging COVID waters:


1. If your child has any symptom or feels ill, you should assume that it could be COVID. Do not send your child to school with a symptom of any kind. Until this COVID experience is over and done with we must assume that any symptom could be COVID. Testing will be our way to determine if it is.

2. If you get a negative COVID test you should still wait until the symptoms are gone before sending your child back to school. A sick child will need to be kept at home COVID or no COVID.

3. Please note that if your child is Positive, we will have some questions we must ask you to fulfill the requirements of the health department. We will likely send you an email with a request for the information. We need a quick turn around these days. We ask that you promptly read Brightwheel messages sent to you from the school. Messages sent from school may be time sensitive.


Masking Upgrades:

Thank you for your attention to the masking upgrade strong recommendation. Cloth masks alone are deemed as not effective. Surgical masks in conjunction with cloth masks work well. KN95 masks do come in child sizes and are very effective. We ask parents to bring multiple masks for your child daily as children soak through them throughout the day then don't want to wear it. You are welcome to bring in several and we can reach out to you when it runs low.


Play Dates and Extra Curricular Activities:

We remind you that we are a community and choices you make outside of Seabird may impact everyone. 

Outside play dates are a wiser choice. Remaining masked when in groups or in the homes of others is extremely wise. Indoor extra-curricular activities and sports are another risk factor to enhance the spread of COVID. Testing and Precautions should be utilized.


COVID-19 protocols Seabird Preschool is following to ensure the health and safety of our Seabird family:

  1. All adults and non-Seabird children over the age of 2 must wear a face covering.

  2. The playground is not open to children during pick up or drop off. The playground is sanitized for each group’s usage.

  3. All children dropped off after 9am will have to wait at the gate before entering the playground where a staff will take your child’s temperature and walk them in to wash hands and parents will exit without entering.

  4. During pick up, ring the doorbell where the keypad is and a staff will walk your child and their belongings out to you. If you have a stroller or items stored in our outdoor storage area, please let the staff know and they will retrieve it for you.

  5. If you or your child tests positive for COVID, inform the school immediately


Thank you for your time in reading and following the new protocols and understanding that this is done to ensure safety to everyone and for Seabird to continue to serve the families who need care for their children during these difficult times.  If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please email Director Mei at

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