COVID-19 Guidelines

Cleaning the Counter

Last Updated 9/1/2021

We would like to reassure you that on the school's end, we are following all protocols and cleaning over and above what is expected of us. We ask you to do the same. If you can avoid gatherings, get vaccinated if you haven’t done so, make sure masks are on when around others not in your household and do plenty of handwashing.


Due to the large number of positive cases coming from elementary to high school, we ask parents to teach their older children on how to keep themselves safe at school and if they do have direct contact with an individual that is positive at school to keep the younger child home until a negative test returns for your older child.  If you have any symptoms, keep your child home until your results come back negative. We all need to do our part to ensure that exposure is slowed down and limited and though this may be inconvenient, remember, we are trying to keep a community safe here at Seabird. 


We ask parents to bring multiple masks for your child daily as children soak through them throughout the day then don't want to wear it.  You are welcome to bring in several and we can reach out to you when it runs low.


COVID-19 protocols Seabird Preschool is following to ensure the health and safety of our Seabird family:

  1. All adults and non-Seabird children over the age of 2 must wear a face covering.

  2. The playground is not open to children during pick up or drop off. The playground is sanitized for each group’s usage.

  3. All children dropped off after 9am will have to wait at the gate before entering the playground where a staff will take your child’s temperature and walk them in to wash hands and parents will exit without entering.

  4. During pick up, ring the doorbell where the keypad is and a staff will walk your child and their belongings out to you. If you have a stroller or items stored in our outdoor storage area, please let the staff know and they will retrieve it for you.


We remind all families that we are a community and choices you make outside of Seabird may impact everyone.  On our end, we are doing everything we can to ensure a safe environment, so we can continue to stay open and we ask the same of you. 


  1. During drop off and pick up, adhere to the 6ft distancing rule

  2. Wash or sanitize hands upon entering

  3. No parents are to enter the classroom area

  4. Follow current SFDPH guidelines for preschools/daycares

  5. All adults and children over the age of 2 are required to have a face covering when entering the school. If you forgot to wear your mask, wait on Pelton and a staff member will  bring your child into the school.

  6. If you or your child have any COVID symptoms, please stay home unless you have a doctor’s note or a negative COVID test. 

  7. If you or your child tests positive for COVID, inform the school immediately


Thank you for your time in reading and following the new protocols and understanding that this is done to ensure safety to everyone and for Seabird to continue to serve the families who need care for their children during these difficult times.  If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please email Mei at

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