The Seabird preschool program is designed to develop:

  • Motor Skills

  • Independence

  • Problem and decision-making skills

  • Logical, critical, and abstract thinking

  • Self-esteem

  • Empathy for peers

  • Acceptance of others

  • Communication and social interaction

We believe that play is essential to children’s learning and development. Our curriculum is constructed around the belief that "play is a child's work," recognizing that children learn best through play. Our program addresses the individual, social, emotional and educational needs of children between the ages of 2 to entering kindergarten. This curriculum is applied in an open classroom format, which allows younger children to learn from their older peers, who in turn learn to be better role models. In addition to this open classroom format, children are also grouped by age and development: "Puffins" are 2-3 years old “Penguins” are 3-4 and "Pelicans" are ages 4-entering kindergarten.
The teachers and staff at Seabird recognize that learning is an ever-changing process that is different for every child. In this sense, we do our best to plan and structure indoor and outdoor activities around the children's growing interests and skills. Our staff creates a supportive environment that allows children to make choices and even make errors, which fosters self-esteem and personal growth. Our program is also designed to provide a consistent routine, essential to Kindergarten readiness.

Enrichment Program

We believe extracurricular classes promote healthy child development through social, physical, emotional and cognitive growth experiences. The younger children are exposed to learning and discovery, the more they’re set up for success in later years. Activities that are stimulating and fun engage children and support natural learning in a positive environment. 
Our Enrichment Program is all-inclusive, meaning we do not require parents to pay extra for their children to participate in these activities. If we feel that a program is good for one child, we will offer it to everyone.
Story Telling
World Cultures
Special Visitors
Offsite Learning
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