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FAQs for Mandarin immersion


FAQs for Language Immersion Class


1. Does my child need to know the language to be in the class?


No, children do not need to know the language to join the program.  It is an interactive program where children will learn through repetition of words, songs and stories.


2. What if my child doesn’t like it?


Children usually enjoy learning new things, however we understand it may not be for everyone.  We can transfer your child back to the general program if space is available.


3. Is the commitment for a full school year?


Parents are not committed for the full year, however once you leave the program there is no guarantee that your child will go back in if you change your mind later.  For language learning, it is important to consistently be introduced to the language without interruption in order to see best results.


4. Are there requirements for children to join the language immersion program?


For this program, children must be fully potty trained and at least 3 years of age.  The foundation work during the age of 2 is very important, so all of our twos will be in our general program.  Children will also need to demonstrate that they can focus and participate in the class.  All placements are at the discretion of the director.


5. What is the cost of the program?


The cost for the program is $300/month in addition to our regular tuition.


6. How long will it take for my child to learn the language?


Every child is different and will learn and pick up things at different times.  We will adjust the curriculum based on the child’s growth.


7. Will it be an issue for my child if he/she already speaks a second language?


Whether your child speaks one or more languages currently, will not impact your child’s ability to learn an additional language.


8. What is the admission’s process for the immersion program?


Please visit our website for enrollment information under the tab for mandarin immersion program.

9. Will a class that  primarily runs in another language cause my child to not be ready for a traditional elementary school?


Kindergarten readiness is inclusive in our lessons, so there are no worries that your child will not be ready for kindergarten.


10. What is the background of the staff teaching these classes?


All our staff are teacher qualified and have demonstrated fluency in the language that they  teach.  They have also passed all the state mandates to work with children.


11. How much English will be spoken in the class?


English will gradually be reduced to 20% use as the children get acclimated to speaking in another language.

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