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When are you scheduled to open?

Our brand-new facility is set to open during the Spring of 2019. Based on this schedule, we are holding open houses, welcoming all interested families. We are also hosting scheduled tours throughout the week. You may schedule a tour here. Families who applied will be updated through our newsletter and will be informed of our opening date.

What is your school philosophy and approach to discipline?

We adopted a play-based philosophy, where your child is engaged actively in the lessons through an emergent curriculum. The educators incorporate developmental foundations into their daily program to promote holistic development. As for our approach to discipline, children will be guided in problem solving and using their conflict resolution skills. Teachers will offer guidance and redirection as needed.

What are the steps to enroll?

  1. Complete our online application form and submit the required fee.

  2. Once your application and fee have been submitted, we will invite you to tour our facility.

  3. After your tour, the Seabird admissions team will review your application details and will notify you if we believe we would be a good fit.

  4. If accepted, a deposit of one month's tuition must be made prior to enrollment to secure your spot.

  5. Once enrolled, you will be instructed to complete and sign the forms needed for your child to start school.

What schedule do you offer? How much does it cost?

We offer full-time and part-time schedule. Tuition is based on schedule offered. For more details, you may go to our tuition and tuition assistance page. You may also see the details of our daily schedule.

Do you accept Early Learning Scholarship (ELS) stipends?

Not at this time. We are in the process of getting into the ELS program, which will be accepting applications in the next few months. Once Seabird Preschool has been accepted to the program, we can accept ELS stipends.

Do you have a wait list? If not, will we be accepted if we apply?

We currently do not have a waitlist and encourage interested families to apply. Admission decisions will be made once your application and tour details have been reviewed to determine if we will be a good fit.

What is your student to teacher ratio?

As per Community Care Licensing, we are allowed a ratio of 12 to 1 because we have an on-site outdoor playground. However, we strive for a lower ratio by having support staff to assist teachers, so our teachers' sole focus is on our students.

Does your Enrichment Program cost extra?

Our Enrichment Program is all-inclusive, meaning we do not require parents to pay extra for their children to participate in these activities. If we feel that a program is good for one child, we will offer it to everyone. For more details of our enrichment program, you may click here.

Can I visit my child at school anytime I'd like?

Seabird Preschool has an open door policy, welcoming parents and guardians to visit their child any time. We highly encourage you to be mindful of your child’s temperament and transition progress before scheduling your visit. We advise you to coordinate with your child’s primary caregiver.

What does Seabird require of their teachers and staff?

Our teachers are fully qualified educators who posses or qualify for Teacher Permits as required by Community Care Licensing regulations. All teachers have a background clearance by LiveScan and we receive regular reports from the database. All teachers maintain Pediatric CPR & First Aid certificates and are required to further their education through workshops, visiting other sites or classroom learning.

Does the school provide meals? Are you a nut-free facility?

Parents are expected to provide their child with a complete and nutritious lunch every day. In addition to packed lunches, we serve nutritious mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. To avoid most allergic reactions, Seabird Preschool has adopted a tree nut-free and peanut-free policy.

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