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September - August


Full-Day Program (8am - 5pm) - $2,310/month

Half-Day Program (8am - 12:15pm) - $1,840/month

Mandarin Immersion Full-Day Program (8am - 5pm) - $2,610

Mandarin Immersion Half-Day Program (8am - 12:15pm) - $2,140

+ 4 hour volunteer time per family per year - currently not required due to COVID-19 restrictions 

Upon acceptance, a deposit of $1,500, a one-time enrollment fee of $250 and a yearly materials fee of $300 must be paid to secure your child's place. The deposit will go toward your child's last month tuition. The materials fee covers all instructional materials and Enrichment Program classes for the period of one academic year. 


An additional monthly fee of $250/month will be charged for all non-potty trained children until they become potty trained.

Siblings receive priority for enrollment. We offer a 5% discount for the second child from the same household.


Each family is required to contribute a minimum of 4 volunteer hours as a part of our program. Our goal is for Parents/Guardians to share their knowledge and participate in their child's education. These hours must be fulfilled by parents or legal guardians (not caretakers). If you are unable to complete this requirement, we have an in lieu fee as a less preferred alternative. 

Drop In Daily/Hourly

<<Drop-in currently not available due to COVID-19 restrictions>>

Seabird Student

Full-Day - $160

Half-Day - $100

Non-Seabird Student

Full-Day - $180

Half-Day - $110

Non-Seabird students must submit application along with a $100 application fee. All fees must be paid at or before the time of drop off. All state forms including a copy of the child’s immunization must be completed before the child is left in the care of Seabird Preschool.

An additional fee of $18/day will be charged for all non-potty trained children.

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