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Mandarin immersion

(starting Fall 2021)

3 - 6 years old


In addition to our regular play-based program Seabird also offers language immersion programs. In the Fall of 2021 we started offering Mandarin Immersion program. In the future, as our facility expands to different locations we will be offering Spanish and French immersion program.  


Our goal at Seabird for the Mandarin immersion program is to have children (3-5 years old) naturally learn the language through repetition, songs, stories, interactive activities, visual cues and cultural activities.The staff will focus on proper tones, patterns and accurate pronunciation. Our environment will be enriched with chinese characters, photos and cultural representations to encourage additional learning throughout the day. The program will be conducted primarily in Mandarin with minimal use of English. We aim for an 80%-20% Mandarin to English language use in class.


Studies have shown the enormous benefits of children being multilingual. Multi language learners have shown that they have an easier time learning additional languages, develop strong cognitive skills, excel in critical thinking skills, develop more flexible problem solving skills, read at a more skilled level, be more abstract in their thinking, understand culture and differences in societies which leads to a more diversified friendships and relationships, both personally and professionally, and also have more employment and business opportunities for the future.


Requirement for this program are as follows:

  1. At least 3 years of age

  2. Fully potty-trained according to Seabird standards

  3. Able to focus and participate

  4. A commitment of at least 6 months in the program

  5. Placement is at the discretion of the director

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